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Ten Signs Your Teacher Just Haaates You

Ten Signs Your Teacher Just Haaates You

You can't make everyone love you. But some people—i.e., those clutching your life’s balance in their red pen-toting hands—are more important to woo than others. Sure, there are teachers who hate everyone and everything. But there are also teachers who definitely just hate you. Here's how to tell if you're dealing with one of 'em:

1. Whenever she announces a test, she points dead at you and winks.

2. He’s twice successfully given you the slip on class field trips. Once was on a boat.

3. Your desk mysteriously moves closer to the door every day. (Your chair has been out in the hall for weeks.)

4. He writes “see me after class” on your homework, then leaves after class.

5. She gave everyone cutesy nicknames like “Chickadee” and “Cupcake.” Yours is “Dave.”

6. She loves to make you read aloud to the class. In algebra class.

7. She encourages you to cheat a little to “you know, level the playing field.”

8. Whenever you ask if you can go to the bathroom, she has the class vote on it first.

9. Your book report assignment? The Bible.

10. When you raise your hand to give an answer, he fans both his hands at you and says “Certainly not.”

Does your teacher hate you?

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