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Great Names For Your Future Yacht

Great Names For Your Future Yacht

Do you have a cork board in your room that is covered with hopes, dreams, hot people, goals, and just generally things you want? You know what, slap a picture of a yacht up there, too. Having a life goal of someday owning a yacht is not a crazy idea. Yachts are the bees knees. We can't think of anything more essential than a buying a yacht when you win the lottery. It's the embodiment of freedom and sunshine! It's also a dope house with a staff on the water. You should be prepared with a baller name for your yacht the day it arrives shiny and new from the Giant Boat store. You don't want to be the butt of every joke or the subject of every whisper at the cocktail parties you will inevitably throw.

Here are some great names for your future yacht:

Mine: It is, right? You're not being a jerk about it, this is just a way to make sure you don't get it confused with the other boats. There may not be a yacht name registry and you don't want to be the second skiff in the marina with a common name like, "Escape." Which is also probably the name of several types of cars in the nearby parking lot.

Sierra Mist: Let's pretend this isn't a name of a second-rate soda. In fact let's reclaim this as a classy as crap yacht name. It is so regal and beautiful ,don't you think? Adventurous and refreshing too, for some reason. But just to be safe spell it Sierra Myst. We don't want any lawsuits.

Enya: Sail away sail away or something. Yachts don't technically sail, but who cares, you have a yacht and that's a great song with a lot of boaty freedomy references. Blast it every time you make your way to the wide ocean and annoy all the snoots in the marina with boat names like "Maryanne."

Mine II: People will think you have two yachts! LOL.

Titanic the Movie: An incredibly stable and never-"sinking" franchise about a beautiful boat. Your yacht is just as beautiful and epic as the Titanic but will never hit any icebergs and no one will ever distract the guys in the crow's nest because you don't have one. Actually, this seems to be asking for trouble. Name it the Rose Dawson instead. What a cool, fictional lady.

The Black Pearl: Probably no one has thought of this yet.

If you already have a yacht, consider renaming it something more awesome: see above.

What would you name your yacht?

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