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15 Lies About AP Exams

15 Lies About AP Exams

1. The television show "24" was originally about a guy who was cramming for an AP exam. The show was re-vamped when FOX realized how boring that would be.

2. AP stands for "Advanced Placards," NOT "Apple Pie," "Alligator Poop," or "Alabama Phil."

3. The morning of the test, it is best to fuel up with a breakfast of Thousand Island dressing, PowerAde, and Junior Mints.

4. The band Megadeath originally met after each member took the AP exam for Music Theory.

5. The morning exams begin at 8 a.m. and end with a dance party DJ'd by whoever finishes last.

6. The quickest time a student finished a section of an AP exam was 3 minutes and 14 seconds. The student's name was Greg "Human Robot" Robertson, and he now works for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

7. Only 2 people in history have been caught cheating on an AP exam: Bert, one half of the Sesame Street duo Bert 'n Ernie; and Simon, a 2-year old from Belgium who everyone thought was a genius, but turned out to be a cheating 2-year old.

8. According to a survey, the #1 way to study for the Macroeconomics exam is by screaming your head off and praying to as many gods as possible.

9. There is no AP exam for "Stewie Quotes from Family Guy," despite an online petition signed by 7,340,082 students.

10. The only person to score perfectly on every single AP test ever given is Vin Diesel.

11. You may scream, "YOLO!" during any AP exam for extra credit.

12. The most popular good luck charm students bring during the exams is a rabbit's foot. The second most popular good luck charm is talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres.

13. One section of the Computer Science exam requires students to beat the game, Donkey Kong. Another section is helping your grandmother send an e-mail without confusing her.

14. When the exam is over it is okay to burp out a window as loud as possible as a sign of respect.

15. Any student wearing a hat made of fried eggs and glitter will not be admitted into an exam room.

Maybe the last one's actually true...

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