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What's Your Buffy the Vampire Slayer Name?

What's Your Buffy the Vampire Slayer Name?


Good ol’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer… Joss Whedon’s first major TV series, which began what is now know as the Whedonverse. Two scoops of drama, a gallon or two of supernatural happenings, a dash of genius comic relief, a kick-butt heroine, and voilá! You’ve got Buffy! Sadly, Buffy ended 10 years ago (Holy frijoles! It’s been TEN years?!). So the only way to get your fill is with the graphic novels, having a super seven-season marathon, or *drumroll* by finding your Buffy name! Just follow the steps below to discover yours!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite type of cake.

Cupcake: Wesley/Joyce
Caramel: Riley/Kennedy
Red Velvet: Robin/Anya
Chocolate: Hank/Faith
Ice cream: Jonathan/Harmony
Pound cake: Rupert/Cecily
Bundt cake: Richard/Chloe
Carrot: Oliver/Darla
Cheesecake: Graham/Amy
Fruitcake: Adam/Anne
Other: Caleb/Glory
“I am an alien that doesn’t like cake.”: Warren/Tara

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the color of the socks you’re wearing.
White: Andrew/Lily
Black: Angel/Buffy
Brown: Jesse/Jenny
Blue: Devon/Chanterelle
Purple: Ethan/Molly
Yellow: Alexander/Willow
Red: Daniel/Vi
Orange: Quentin/Shannon
Green: Percy/Cordelia
Grey: Spike/Maggie
Multi: Merrick/Dawn
“Pft! I don’t wear socks!”: LaVelle/Drusilla

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Season 1: Finn
Season 2: Giles
Season 3: Summers
Season 4: Osbourne
Season 5: Chase
Season 6: Wyndam-Price
Season 7: Maclay
“I can’t decide! I love the all!”: Rosenberg
“I do not know of this ‘Buffy’.”: Harris

Post by Sydney Scott AKA Faith Cordelia Finn!

What's your Buffy name?

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