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This Math Nerd Is My Prom Hero

This Math Nerd Is My Prom Hero

What do you do when you don't have a prom date?

TAKE YOUR CALCULATOR! This awesome girl (who we really hope is a Sparkler), brought her TI-84 to prom IN A TUX. SPARKLIFE BOWS TO YOU, GIRL.

Now for some horrible calculator/prom jokes:

According to my calculations, my prom ticket is FREE (because I'm infinity awesome).

Do my parabolas look big in this dress?


Let's make parallel lines on the dance floor.

We may not be ordered pairs, but you're the date I've always wanted.

These aren't my real conic sections. (There's a lot of binomial expansion in this dress.)

You're a fraction of the date I wanted you to be, but I'm sure you'll have a growth spurt soon!

Prom may not be a rational function, but I'm having THE BEST TIME.

[via TheMarySue]

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