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Redheads You Might Be Related To-If You're a Ginger, That Is

Redheads You Might Be Related To-If You're a Ginger, That Is

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Gingers have always gotten a lot of grief about their hair color—people tease us for being pale, accuse us of having no souls, and sarcastically inquire if we’re related to Carrot Top. As a redhead myself, I find this last accusation most insulting. However, according to a new very scientific article, this offensive fact may actually be partially true–Carrot Top may just be our very creepy uncle (excuse me while I throw up a little into my lap). Apparently, if you have red hair or carry one of the red-hair variant genes, you're a direct descendant of the first redhead in the world, ever. That means all us reds are related to people like Carrot Top, The Wendy’s Girl, and Prince Harry (which might be a little weird if we end up getting married and making lots of love and babies, like I’m planning). Some of the greatest historical figures are redheads, as well as many of today’s popular celebs; let’s take a look at a list of famous redheads and see what their characteristics say about the rest of us.

The Little Mermaid, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill. Redheads can be pretty revolutionary—Ariel was the first mermaid to make it on land, Jefferson founded our country and established our independence, Twain was one of the first great American writers, and Churchill stoically led Britain through war. All of these redheads were fearless in the face of adversity and challenges. They were awesomely dedicated to their cause and people will continue to remember them and their stories throughout the course of history—proving that you can’t just forget a redhead. We’re all memorable and capable of doing great, unimaginable things. We’re going to be your bosses, your leaders, and your future politicians.

Lucille Ball, Louis C.K, Conan, and Kathy Griffin. Ready to laugh? These famous comedians are crazy funny, sharp, witty people with unmatchable senses of humor. Lucille Ball paved the way for females (and redheads!) in the comedy world and Conan, Louis and Kathy continue to carry her flaming torch. If you’re hysterical like these guys, you’re destined to make it big. You're uninhibited and unafraid to say what’s on your mind, and that often makes people laugh and admire you.

Napoleon Bonaparte, Vincent Van Gogh, and Lindsay Lohan. Ever think it sounded like a good idea to conquer a continent, cut off your ear, or bail on your court date? If so, you’re in company with these nut jobs. While all talented in their own right, they prove the old adage that redheads can be quite feisty and sometimes takes things to extremes. Our emotions run deep, and sometimes we can’t control our tempers or ourselves when the blood begins to boil.

Christina Hendricks, Jessica Rabbit, Kate Winslet, and Julianne Moore. These sultry ladies just happen to be some of the sexiest women in the world. They strut their beautiful, curvy selves and ooze straight-up sex appeal as well as wit and charm. If you're a redhead, consider yourself in good company. You will never be alone–unless, of course, you want to.

Some of our other favorite redheads include:

Alyson Hannigan
Amy Adams
Ed Sheeran
Emma Stone (Before she went blonde and screwed us over)
Florence Welch Of “Florence and The Machine”
And last but not least, Rupert Grint, aka Ronald Weasley

Did we forget to include any other amazing redheads? Which group do you fall into? We want to know! GO BIG RED!

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