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Jenny's Nerdy Prom Playlist

Jenny's Nerdy Prom Playlist

No nerdy prom can be complete with a playlist packed full of nerdishly awesome music, so here's the perfect mix to listen to while you're partying with us! We're not entirely sure how you're going to dance to all these songs, but come on, did you really want to dance the whole time?

"Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love"  by the Mudbloods because what defines nerdy music better than wizard rock?

"Talk Nerdy to Me" by Possible Oscar. Go ahead, talk nerdy to us.

"Doctor Who Theme Song" The sheer awesome of this music totally overpowers any dancing difficulty you may experience.

"I See the Light" from Tangled because it's the perfect romantic slow dance song...from a Disney movie.

"Lightsaber Duel" by the Cello Guys. Hey, you have to have some Star Wars in there somewhere.

"Cho's Song (Ginny Version)" from A Very Potter Musical. This song needs no explanation.

"The Beginning of Something Really Excellent" from Homestuck may have no words, but it's still totally danceable.

"Galaxies" by Owl City reminds us of Doctor Who, so we will listen to it forever.

"Dobby" by Alexandre Desplat, because no party is complete unless there's a nerd crying in the corner about Dobby's death.

"On My Own" by Samantha Barks. This song basically describes all of our past prom experiences.

"Wizard Love" by Meekakitty. Can't have a Yule Ball prom without some Wizard Rock!

"Something That I Want" by Grace Potter because Disney + Fun Dance Song = Awesome.

"Into the West" by Annie Lennox. By now your prom night is slowing down. It's time to start drifting away...into Lord of the Rings land.

"Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne because we will forever associate this song with the end credits of Eragon.

What's on your nerdy playlist?

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