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Five People You'll Meet on Prom Night

Five People You'll Meet on Prom Night

Prom! Just another school dance...or the pinnacle of high school/human romance/LIFE?? When expectations run high, feelings run hot, and dresses run frilly, it makes people run crazy. Here are just a few of the folks you'll meet on prom night, ranging from awesome to ridiculous:

The Bachelorettes. This loud group of happy gal pals has everything: matching Converse high-tops under their dresses. A fanny pack full of Fun-Dip for dance-floor refreshment. An iPod playlist they're trying to bribe the DJ into playing. Who needs dates who can't handle that jelly?

The Best Night of Our Lifer. This person prepares for prom like it's a wedding, marathon, and presidential election rolled into one. "I'm not here to make friends," she'll snarl on prom night, right before starting a scandalous rumor about her best friend and fellow prom-queen hopeful. You better believe she has a bucket of pig's blood handy, should voting not go in her favor.

The Too Cool for School. This person was forced to go to this ridiculous sham of a high-school mating ritual, and nobody's going to forget it. Their backward ball cap, cynical expression, and leather jacket loudly scream, "I'm better than you! You call this dork parade FUN?" They'll spend the night trying to disguise their wallflower tendencies as a disinclination to dance to Miley Cyrus, before getting dumped in the parking lot by their fed-up date.

The Reluctant Chaperone. This person is either a teacher or the dad of that incredibly mortified student they keep giving a thumbs-up to. They may forget themselves long enough to get down to some "Suit & Tie," but are mainly interested in finding a comfortable standing position in which to read Seven People You Meet in Heaven on their iPad.

The Young Marrieds. These two have been dating since the third grade, and prom is their last hurrah on the deck of the relationship Titanic. They will slowly hug-sway through every song, even Ke$ha, and spend the last 40 minutes of the night holding each other's faces and silently weeping. (They'll also be happily broken up by their third day of college.)

Which group do you fit into? Have you run into any of these people at SparkLife Prom yet?

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