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I Made a Music Video about Internet Dating

I Made a Music Video about Internet Dating

I'm gonna lay it flat: This video has nothing to do with high school or college. Or books or celebs. Or anything remotely related to what we usually write about on SparkLife. But I'm so jazzed about my new music video, "Dudes on OKCupid," that I can't not post it.

In addition to hanging out on SparkLife all day every day, Splogger J. Manley and I are standup comedians (Women! Comedy! YUS!) and run a monthly comedy show in Brooklyn called BackFat. As a fun BackFat project, we decided to take quotes from real guys' OKCupid online dating profiles and make a song out of them. Warning: There are two swear words. We didn't write them. These awful, awful guys did. But still.

Now, enjoy my first-ever music video!!! :D D:

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