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Celebrate National Hoagie Day (The OTHER Cinco de Mayo)

Celebrate National Hoagie Day (The OTHER Cinco de Mayo)

By now you're well aware that Sunday is Cinco de Mayo. However, did you know that it is also National Hoagie Day??? We had trouble digging up the origin of NHD, but honestly, we don't need much of an excuse to celebrate. Here's how we're gonna party:

Viva Italia!
Load up the spicy meats and splash 'em with oil and vinegar. We thank our friends in Italy for their contributions to the sandwich game. Things were kinda boring around here until they brought us cold cuts we have trouble pronouncing. Nowadays, a bite of an Italian hoagie makes our taste buds behave like dancers in a rave tent at Coachella.

Phillin' Time
Philadelphia ain't just broken bells and cream cheese. They lay claim to the classic Philly Cheesesteak, which marries steak with peppers and onions and conveniently glues it all together with a streak of Cheez Whiz. Rumor has it this hoagie was invented some time around the turn of the 20th century, though we’re kinda convinced it's earlier based on the roundness of Ben Franklin.

Health Bombz
Why mess around with salads in bowls when you can stuff a roll with all your veggies and dressing? Go for it! Vegetarianism ain't a crime and NHD is for all the party people out there.


Once again, we thank our friends from Italy for understanding that a pizza isn't the only home for sauce and cheese. Chicken and meatball parm hoagies are amazing, but holy crap…eggplant??? We never woulda thought a vegetable that looks like an alien tumor would be so frikkin' delicious. Parm it up for National Hoagie Day and be careful you're eyes don’t roll too far back into your head.

Turkey & Roast Beef: Still Crazy After All These Years
Sometimes, it's okay to stick with the classics. If sandwiches were singers, turkey and roast beef would be Elvis and Aretha Franklin. We know exactly what we're getting with each and there's no wrong way to enjoy them. There's a reason people still dig in year in and year out, and that reason is the yummerific flavor of America. Cue the National Anthem.

For National—BACON—Hoagie Day we'd like to suggest a sandwich—BACON—that really speaks to a generation—BACON—of kids who appreciate the finer—BACON—things in life: the BACON, Lettuce, and Tomato. Frankly, there is one—BACON—reason and one reason only to marvel at this food of the Gods: BACON!!! Hard to believe you even made it to the end of this entry without rushing to get those crisp strips of heaven.

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