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DOs and DON'Ts for the Night Before Your AP Test

DOs and DON'Ts for the Night Before Your AP Test

DO: Study a little bit for confidence. There's nothing wrong with a refresher hour of studying. Until now, you’ve probably spent a great many hours prepping for this test. You either feel 100% confident or very, very nervous that all the studying wasn’t enough. Boost your confidence with an hour or two of reviewing. Don’t let your ego swell too much though—nothing gets in the way of the right answer like a fat head.

DON'T: Pull an all-nighter. It’s totes okay to study a bit and brush up on everything the night before your test, but if you haven’t gotten it in your head already, a cram session isn’t going to help. You’ll need plenty of sleep if you don’t want to have brain farts every five seconds during the test. Very embarrassing. Besides, you’ll want plenty of energy after the test to finally catch up on your spring season TV shows you’ve been missing.

DO: Eat breakfast. Hunger pangs are the worst during a test. Don’t let it happen to you. Even if you don’t believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, stuff your word hole anyway. In fact, practice eating breakfast this week so that your digestive system doesn’t go into complete shock when you give it food four hours earlier than it is used to.

DON’T: Try new foods for breakfast. This is NOT the day to try huevos rancheros for the first time or that new veggie smoothie with a base of sriracha. Try that next weekend, when you know you’ll have plenty of time for toilet runs. If you’re a coffee drinker, only have one or two cups, but no more than that. If you’re not a coffee drinker, let the frappes stay at Starbucks.

DO: Indulge in one hour of television or some leisure reading to relax your nerves. Watch one of your favorite shows or maybe even check out some Shark Week from the DVR. Remind yourself that there are worse things than the AP Test, like getting eaten by a shark.

DON’T: Tune in for the horror movie marathon. The last thing you need is nightmares or wasted hours with clowns, chainsaw enthusiasts, or masked guys with low self-esteem. Watch a comedy instead.

DO: Take this seriously. Yeah yeah, it's not for a grade, but COME ON. You could get out of HOURS of awful lectures in college if you hit the jackpot on APs this week!

DON’T: Panic. Worst case scenario, you won’t pass or get the score you want. You’ll feel like maybe you wasted your time in the class but the truth is, you didn’t. You're smarter for all your hard work, and your score has no reflection on whether you pass school or graduate on time, if people like you or not, or how you smell. Those are the really important things in life.

DO: Look forward to celebrating when it’s over. How will you choose to party when the last answer is written down? Will you burn your books? (Don’t do that.) Will you go to your local self-serve yogurt shop and tip the scales? Will you get back to those horror movies you passed on the night before? Whatever you decide, enjoy! You deserve it!

What are you doing this week to prep for APs?

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