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17 Reasons We Still Love Avril Lavigne

17 Reasons We Still Love Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne just gave the first listen to her song "17." It's about... "Duh, being 17!" We don't want to outgrow Avril any time soon, so check out this video for 17, and read the 17 reasons we love her.

1. Avril has definitely evolved over the years, but she hasn't changed or abandoned her sound or style. After over ten years of being in the spotlight, we can trust that she's being pretty genuine.

2. She's a little bit shy but relatable in interviews. We'd all probably giggle endlessly if Chelsea Handler was digging into us on late night TV, too.

3.  Girl can rock a slow ballad.

4. Her songs are way too catchy to be legal.

5. She won a contest to sing with Shania Twain when she was 14. Awwww.

6. She rocked a tie better than any Sk8r Boi.

7.  She's had one of the friendliest divorces in celeb marriage history.

8.  She's made Chad Kroeger cool. We can't believe we just wrote that sentence, but it's true.

9. She cares about expanding her education, mind, and vocabulary! Lavigne moved to Paris to study French at Berlitz.

10.  She knows the most comfortable way to sit.

11. Her Canadian accent is so stinkin' cute, especially when she says "out" and "about."

12.  Avril inspired one of the best Amy Poehler impressions of all time.

13. She's not afraid to get hurt!

14. Though she has never won a Grammy, she's received a great many of other awards. So many that we were kind of shocked by it.

15. Lavigne has ADHD as a child but was able to learn several different elements of music, including guitar, drums, piano, and (DUH) singing.

16. She's not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. When Avril is in love, she lets the whole world know.

17. OMG, FASHION! Her clothing line Abbey Dawn was launched in 2008.

What do you like about Avril Lavigne?

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