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My Life as a Musical: You're Gonna Miss Me

My Life as a Musical: You're Gonna Miss Me

It’s no secret that I like to sing. Like, so much that I’m pretty sure the people in the apartment next to mine wants to tear out my vocal chords or something. And I’ve posted a couple of music-y YouTube videos here and there, but now that I’m back at college I’ve been thinking, “How the heck can I incorporate music EVEN MORE in my life?” I then proceeded to burst into song in such a manner that would imply my life was a musical.

So here it is, my stunningly BRILLIANT Sparklers! My Life as a Musical! MY. LIFE. AS. A. MUSICAL. What does this beautiful phrase mean, you may ask? It means that EVERY SINGLE WEEK I shall post a video of me playing a song. And that song will be in direct correlation of the events that took place during my week. AND THEN you lucky dogs get to hear undeniably awkward/embarrassing/happy events that transpired!


GET IT TOGETHER, TALIE. Okay, here we go.

SO, you may or may not have noticed that I was singing “You’re Gonna Miss Me” with a delightful cup and whatnot. An awesome song, right? And has anyone noticed that when the lyrics say “You’re gonna miss me by my talk, oh” it sounds like “You’re gonna miss me by my taco?” Because that’s what I hear, and now I really want some tacos.

But back to the subject at hand. You see, last week I giddily left home to go back to college.

And let me tell you, there isn’t really a long list of people who are going to miss me. In fact, I’d like it to go on record that I am dedicating the above video to my dog. Because he’s DEFINITELY going miss the fact that he can sleep on my bed.

When I left, I was surprised to find that I was going to miss some things from back at home. I mean, things and people that I didn’t even think I was going to miss. I guess that’s the weird thing about leaving. You never realize what or who you really care about until you’re gone, and they’re not there anymore.

But with that said, I can’t say that it was terribly hard to go. I mean, I’m going to miss my family. But it was TIME. Time to leave, time to get back and try different things. Last semester I fell into this rut where I was like, scared of stepping out of my apartment. Tragically lame, right? Very un-Talie like.

I guess I was just scared of not being who people thought I was supposed to be. Like they had an expectation of who I was in their heads that I couldn’t live up to. Which is totally ridiculous. And even if people do expect you to be a certain way, who cares? Why should you live your life afraid of not being enough? You’re always enough—enough for yourself and enough for the people that matter. You dig?

Anyway, the lovely thing about getting back to college wasn’t just that I got to leave my extremely uneventful life, but also that fact that I left Scared Talie behind, too.

Let me tell you, it is SO GOOD to be back. I forgot how many cute guys are at college. Seriously, on the first day of the semester I walked around in a daze, gawking at any guy who was even remotely attractive.

And I’m happy. So, so, SO happy. I seriously wish I could break off some of my happiness and give all of you a piece, like the crown thing in Mean Girls. Guys, college is AWESOME. It’s way better than high school. So for those of you who think that high school is basically equivalent of getting skinned alive, it gets better. Trust me.

Til the next song my precious Sparklers!


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