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Call Dibs on Guilty-Pleasure Dates HERE

Sparkler Post
Call Dibs on Guilty-Pleasure Dates HERE

As soon as I saw SparkLife was having a prom, I immediately wondered whom I would ask. Then I saw oboesapien's post about MatchMaking Sparklers and Manklers and it made me think: what if your dream prom date is a celebrity/book character/tv character/movie character?? And come on, who hasn't dreamed at least a bajillion times about taking that certain person on a date?

Already some people have said who they are taking on other posts, but I thought it would be nice for us to have one, organized post with everyone announcing their famous date!

Here are the rules:

Just say who you are taking in the comments, maybe add the creative way they asked you or you asked them, then heart the post so that others see it. Not too hard, is it??

So let me be the first to begin:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt asked me to prom in a song, and so of course I said yes. Bayum.

Disclaimer: I am sorry to admit that the real version of your date will not know you brought them to prom. Well, I mean, unless they stalk SparkLife and are just waiting for someone to announce them as their date. Otherwise, they won't.

Enjoy Prom, and save the date: FRIDAY, MAY 3 FROM 4 PM TO 8 PM

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