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15 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Prom

15 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Prom

Are you a promzilla? If one or more of these sound like you, then you might be a Grade A Formal Monster...

1. You've made sure that you and your friends' dresses perfectly and accurately illustrate ROYGBIV.

2. You've started referring to your mother as "the seamstress" and your father as "the page." Oh, and your siblings are "the hairologist" and "the nail Smurf."

3. You laughed at our Pinterest post of prom boards and shouted "Amateurs! AMATEURS! Muahahahahaaha" at your computer screen. (It did not reply.)

4. You have watched nothing but movies about high school dances since September.

5. Speaking of those, you love Never Been Kissed but you don't agree with Josie when she doesn't care about being the "stupid prom queen." How dare she!

6. You know nothing about your own car besides the fact that it's your favorite color, but you do know how many seconds it will take your limo to get from 0-60.

7. Your pop culture heroine is Carrie White. (By the way, you must be STOKED to see Chloë Grace Moretz play her!)

8. You made yourself the first-ever Queen of Prom Committee. Other members may bow to you when you enter a room. Bowing is optional. But honestly, it's in everybody's best interest.

9. You haven't seen a Saturday sunshine since January due to prom committee meetings. Yet somehow, you are tan.

10. You are disgusted with people who refer to prom as the preliminaries to weddings because, duh, weddings are the after-parties of prom!!!

11. You've made the perfect playlist for the night and have already submitted it to the DJ. (Vague threats may or may not have been part of this "submission process.")

12. Your dinner reservations for the night were made in August. Aaaaand you've stopped by the restaurant multiple times to try every single thing on the menu.

13. You made the guys in school audition to be your date.

14. Your friends told you they can't speak to you again until The Night is over.

15. Every night before you go to sleep you count the beads on your dress to make sure all are still in the proper places.

Do any of these sound like you?

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