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So... Just How Beautiful And Crazy Is Ke$ha's Life?

So... Just How Beautiful And Crazy Is Ke$ha's Life?

Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha has a new reality show on MTV. The premiere was Monday... and, yeah, we watched. Some stuff was cool and other things left us scratching our heads. (If you want to get a little taste of what you missed, here's the trailer.)

Props to Ke$ha:

-Ke$ha drinks water after her concerts. We were relieved that she stays hydrated!
- About 99% of the time, she looks like she's covered in glitter vomit. It's awesome.
-Though a lot of Ke$ha's success is based on her image, we like that she doesn't send out a "You must be perfect" idea to her fans. She is who she is, take her or leave her. Burps and all.
-She talks about bullying and encourages her fans to be themselves. In the oddest way possible, of course. But that's okay.
-She can sing and writes her own music.
-Her mom isn't afraid to be on-camera in her pajamas.
-Ke$ha has what the media calls a "real body." It's nice to have a famous person to look at and NOT have the thought "How many cookies have they never had?"
-All the talk about her ex-boyfriend and first love was a little bit exhausting but at the same time, who doesn't speak endlessly about their ex when they are heartbroken?

Scratching Our Heads:
-In the opening of the show, Ke$ha's brother says that he was totally wrong when he told her that she was making a huge mistake by dropping out of high school to pursue rockstardom. Sure, he's probably being honest and yes, she has been insanely successful, but we're going to take a wild guess here and say that most of the people who tuned in to watch this are in high school. Anyway, all we want to say is sometimes brothers are right! Stay in school!
-It's nice to hear someone not talk super fast, but Ke$ha speaks mind-numbingly slow. They could probably fit a lot more content in the show if she would pep it up, just a little.
-She stalks her ex, Harold, but we're not sure we believe he exists. He could very well be a ghost.
-She says that her fans cheering for her is better than any drug. This was just annoying for some reason. We think probably because not everyone gets to experience cheering crowds, and also people shouldn't try every drug to find out. We know it was just a metaphor and we're taking it too seriously. But still.
-The pilot of this series bares many similarities to Katy Perry: A Part of Me (which was awesome!) but Ke$ha's show lacks the same heart. We hope it will get better!

Overall, it was refreshing to look at Ke$ha like a real person rather than just another popstar. The show still has its kinks, but there's a reason we have a whole season to watch it improve.

You can watch the episode on

Did you watch it? What did you think?

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