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Thor 2 Trailer Swings a Heavy Hammer ATCHA!

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Thor 2 Trailer Swings a Heavy Hammer ATCHA!

Marvel Entertainment

So much Marvel Comic goodness coming your way! Iron Man 3 is mere days away from opening, and now we are graced with this stupendous, insane, kick-your-face-in trailer for Thor: The Dark World. How much more awesomeness can humankind take?! Hopefully a minute and 59 seconds more, because that's how long this trailer is!

A smattering of thoughts:

- Some believe that before the universe... there was a semi truck that floated through the air?
- Hooray! More Portman!
- Does Chris Hemsworth wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and just CRACK UP at how ridiculously good looking he is? We think yes.
- Cape flapping in the wind (swoon).
- If I lived in a large city and saw any member of The Avengers arrive, I would immediately leave and hope that my home insurance was paid up.
- Asgard is getting tore UP in this one.
- Hooray! More Hopkins!
- That awkward moment when you get caught pretending to catch Thor's hammer.
- Also, Chris Hemsworth's no-nonsense yet dreamy look that he gives when he catches said hammer, we have dubbed "The Huff-and-Puff."
- Is that Christopher Eccelston underneath all of that makeup (and hair) playing the bad guy!? If so... FANTASTIC!

With Alan Taylor (veteran Game of Thrones director) behind the camera, and a cast of some of the most attractive actors in the universe, this is looking to be the sequel that is worth waiting through the summer for!

Thor: The Dark World comes out November 8th everywhere.

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