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SparkLife Poetry Club: Passions

SparkLife Poetry Club: Passions

Last week was all about being your awesome, cool self. This week it's about *cue nostalgic Disney intro* following your dreams!

This Week's Topic: Passions
Easy there, Hormonal-Hannah, not that kind of passion. Your poetry should revolve around things you're passionate about! Hobbies, causes, talents, that sort of thing.

Poet of the Week: Shane Koyczan

Sound familiar? He's the genius behind To This Day, which talked about bullying. This poem that's linked is some of his earlier work and just as powerful!

Honorable Sparklers: Hermy-own_Weasley, lina_garay, Smart_Girls_Play_Soccer, TheCheesyMustache, wallflower19, and a Sparkler who was featured last week but so was so good I had to feature her again!

The Art of Being Cool—Leonardo_da_Fishy
It is dark game with black rules
where playful toys become torture tools
astute scholars are recognized as naive fools
truth is established by rolls of dice
and profound endeavours reduced to regrettable tries
to not realize imminent peril and sound warning
the leaders must tear out their eyes
like blind flies swarming around
a bird-eater's viscid web of lies

If you want to see the other amazing poems written by your fellow Sparklers (which you should because they're AWESOME) then scroll down to the bottom of the article! And even if it doesn't get featured, you should really check out all of the poems in the comment section. There's a crazy amount of talent on this site!

In order to contribute and to possibly get your poem featured on here, leave your title and poem in the comment section down below. You can also submit a Sparkler Post instead of a comment, just make sure to use the tag SPC so I can find it! Email is also an option if you want to send your poem to

Popular Kids and Me—Hermy-own_Weasley
Be cool.
Be calm. Breath. Relax.
Even though your face is on fire
And you can’t stop shaking.
Be cool.
They’re people too.
They might like math or
Star Wars or Doctor Who.
Be cool.
So what if they said you’re a nerd.
You own it. It’s you.
So tough it out.
You’re cool.

Ice-cold glares
Glances that could turn you to stone
Leave us feeling so alone
This is what we get for standing out

But being cool is just overrated
Yet everyone at the bottom
Feels underestimated

What's the point of this hierarchy of society
That pierces us with judging eyes
And perfectly-carved lies
That leave us lying
In their shallow, freezing sea?

Dying of hypothermia
Drowning in their depths
Even though we are the deep ones
Their shallow minds
Could never understand
These intricate feelings
Flowing off our pages of life

So we turn up the heat,
Set fire to their frozen seas,
Melting their ice.

This Is Why I'm Cool—Smart_Girls_Play_Soccer
They say I'm not cool because I sing in the shower
They say I'm not cool because I smile at the dark
They say I'm not cool when I dance in the flowers
They say I'm not cool when I read about quarks

But I am the one who can find the whimsical
Delight and humor in an ordinary day.
I am the one who stays positive and helps others
Through the dark times that are thrown their way.

I am the one who can have a good time
No matter what environment I find myself in
I am the one who will go on to college
Find greatness in knowledge and innovation

So I think, when you consider all of the factors,
I am the cool one, without a doubt,
No, really, I am trapped in the refrigerator
And would appreciate if someone would get me out.

You gave me an ice glare
Like I knew you would do.
I admit that I lie
But I've never lied to you.

So lay off the cold fronts
Before they cause us to part.
Before I'm a cold corpse
Dead of frostbite and broken heart.

I know a place where it's cool to be weird
A simple place where no one is feared
It's uncool to be "cool," you should know
This amazing place is the place to go

I know a place where it's cool to be different
It's full of things you haven't seen yet
Normal is boring, it eats at the fun
You could have at this place until you are done

I know a place where it's cool to be crazy
You can escape if you want to be lazy
We're a community, no need for shame
This is the place where we're one in the same

I know a place where it's cool to be random
Join all the hipsters or join a neat fandom
You're cool where you are, and don't forget
Nothing is cooler than the internet

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