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7 Thoughts On Anna Kendrick's New Music Video

7 Thoughts On Anna Kendrick's New Music Video

Has everyone seen the adorable new music video featuring Anna Kendrick singing the "Cup Song" from Pitch Perfect? No? What have you been doing with your lives?

THERE. Now we're all caught up/all equally in love with Anna. Like most curious humans, I attempted to learn how to perform the cup song and I can confidently conclude that it generally takes about an hour to learn. For most people. For me, it took one t0 two weeks, but in my defense, I was using glass cups and NYC hospitals are routinely overcrowded.

Here are some thoughts we had about Anna Kendrick's new music video:

1. If you're wondering about the origins of the Cup Song, I'll save you the trouble. I created it. Alright, moving on...

1a. What?! Why are you Googling the origins of the song? I JUST told you. Fine. I may have stretched the truth a bit in that... I lied. Boldfaced style. My crackerjack researching skills have uncovered this old-timey, original version of the song dating back to 1937. It was only uploaded to Youtube in 2010 though, presumably since Youtube was only invented in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy. Don't Google that.

72 years after the original, a band named Lulu and the Lampshades uploaded their much more popular version, accompanied by nothing more than the rhythmic beat of their hands and two cups. So, don't stop believing, obscure musicians of the 1940's! Viral success is just 75 years around the corner!

3. I'm 100% on board for creating more original music videos of songs from Pitch Perfect, but how far are we away from a Rebel Wilson Funny or Die video spoofing this iconic scene?

4. This video really helps to paint a nice little picture of the true meaning of the song. For the longest time I thought the lyrics were, "You're gonna miss me; my name's Bob," and I was like, "Who the fiddlesticks is Bob, and why will I miss him so much?" Plus, if you sincerely believe someone's going to miss you, you probably don't have to remind them of your name. I'm looking in your direction, BOB! It's not like, "Goodbye I'm off to college, Mom; my name's Josh."

5. Why exactly was Anna in such a hurry to leave this job? In my experience, if you try and lead everyone at work in a rousing, morale-building song and dance, you're always met with the same response: "Josh, you do NOT work at this Pizza Hut and there's no such thing as the 'Pizza Hut Strut' theme song."

6. If everyone in your diner needs a drink refill. you may want to rethink the employment status of your current waitstaff. Not to be a backseat music video director, but a three second scene in the middle of the flashmob where a customer exasperatingly pleads to Kendrick, " May I please have my orange juice now?" might have been funny.

7. No two weeks notice? I understand it lacks the theatrical punch of dramatically walking out, but how about a little common courtesy, Anna!? You're gonna miss your manners when they're gone! We've all wanted to blow off a test or walk out of our part time job as an outdoor car wash promoter, but we don't. We give our two weeks notice and then spend those two weeks g-chatting our acquaintance's former significant other, because, C'MON they only dated for three weeks and it wouldn't be that weird if we asked them out. Never start a job unless you intend to finish it; it's just poor manners. It's like my Grandma Alice always used to tell me, "When lif

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What did you think of Anna Kendrick's new video? Seriously, how has Pizza Hut not done a "Pizza Hut Strut" promotion? How long did it take everyone to learn how to properly perform the "Cup Song"?

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