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Plus-Sized Sparklers: GO TO PROM!

Plus-Sized Sparklers: GO TO PROM!

Hello high school ladies! I know right now you're freaking out about your hair and dress and date because of PROM!!OMGNJSJDBCKA423GQ, so the fact that you're taking time to read this means a lot to me. Thank you. For that, I'll use my special powers to make sure you don't lose the back of your earring on prom night (my magic is pretty limited).

Before I was a Splogger, I was a Sparkler who talked about being plus-sized and prom-bound. I remember reading the comments and seeing how many other plus-sized Sparklers wanted to avoid prom simply because they couldn't find a dress or because they were self conscious about their body. And chances are there will be more plus-size girls who will have the same mind set this year. But as big girl who went to prom senior year with just a friend, I would like to say: GO TO PROM!!!

I'm not saying it's Disney movie life-changing magic or anything like that. But it's a great night to hang out with friends and create awesome memories. Don't let your insecurities get in the way! And if there's ever a night to boost your self confidence to the ceiling, it's prom.

Now when it comes to being plus-sized and prom-bound, there is one major issue: the dress. I know this post is kind of late (depending on when your prom is) but hey, if I can get a dress 2 days before prom, you can get ready at the last minute too! This is SparkLife, and dangit, we procrastinate like professionals!

Issue #1: Finding the Perfect Dress. For prom season, a lot of dress stores are targeted toward juniors, which means junior sizes—and that makes finding a dress a WHOLE lot more difficult. So the first thing you need to learn, my curvy cuties, is to avoid the junior/teen section. Sure, the selection is pretty good, but the sizes are waaay too small. I found my amazing dress thanks to suggestions from you guys, who informed me that BRIDAL SHOPS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! While they may be pricier, the dresses at these stores are made for women. Definitely check out places like David's Bridal, which have beautiful plus-size options.

As for style, I prefer strapless or one shoulder. You want to show off your curves, not hide your body. And while you definitely don't want a dress that's too crazy (going over-the-top on sparkly details can distract from from your natural beauty), subtle sequins and other embellishments will really make your gown stand out. Below is my prom picture featuring me in an insanely gorgeous dress with my equally well-dressed friend. Notice the color coordination? You get more life points for that.

Fake Issue #2 Dates: This seems really complicated at first, but there are three very simple solutions to this problem. You can either A) bring a significant other, B) bring a friend, or C) go stag. As long as you're with people you like and you'll know you'll have a good time with (not just the cute boy who passes you in the hall every day), that's all that matters!

If you have any questions about being plus-sized and going to prom, leave a comment down below and I'll be sure to help you out! I want to make sure my Sparklers are having fun and being safe!


Are you going to prom this year? Where did you get your dress? Do you have any questions for Ricki?

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