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How To Write a Memorable Yearbook Signature

How To Write a Memorable Yearbook Signature

It's not like yearbooks are forever. Its not like they're time capsules that hold thoughts and pictures and memories suspended in a giant metaphorical bowl of Jell-o for all of time. Oh wait, that's exactly what they are. That's why they matter, why we fret over what we write, in what color, to whom, and if the cultural reference will stand the test of time. Spoiler. It prrooobably won't. There are a lot of Spice Girl "Girl Power" quotes I can't take back. NOT EMBARRASSED, NOT SORRY. Yearbooks are here, y'all, so get your thick and thin combo Sharpies out! (Who came up with that idea? Genius.)

Here's some ways to write a memorable yearbook signature.

Fake Anecdote. Create a made up anecdote about the two of you. "I think the most fun we had together was when we skipped 6th period and drove to Costco and ate all the bagel bite samples and they asked us to leave. But YOLO, right?" Never happened.

Non Sequitur. "Have a great summer, my power animal is a tropical fish." Or, "Have a great summer, try to stop killing so many birds." You know, mix it up, something different for everyone.

Pour your heart out. Welp, go for it man.This is your chance to fill that whole back page with every thought and emotion and missed opportunity and then close the book and slide it back over the table and walk out the door and get in your car and move to the next town over. But never change your number, she may text you in ten years and then Lifetime will buy your love story and everything works out for everyone probably!

Be nice to your nemesis. Find the worst person you know, (all of you just had a face pop up in your brain) like the girl who laughed in your face after you banana-peeled and fell flat on your back, and say something really really nice. Think of the most genuine compliment you can give her, and then BOOM! Dead from kindness.

The Black Out. Take the thick side of your sharpie and black out all references to yourself like you're redacting any information about you from history, but then sign your name.

NOLO. Be the person to not write YOLO.

What are your techniques?

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