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6 Reasons Rebecca Black's "Stay" Cover Is Actually Pretty Good

6 Reasons Rebecca Black's "Stay" Cover Is Actually Pretty Good

Rebecca Black just released a cover of Rihanna's "Stay" on her YouTube Channel. And it's actually not bad! See for yourself, and read the reasons we think it's refreshing.

1. Maybe all along we have been missing out on how great Rebecca Black sounds in her natural register, which we're guessing, is actually a nice, low alto sound, rather than the higher more nasally sounds of "Friday" and "My Moment."

2. We get to see a softer, more serious side to Black. Even though it's not technically her song, it's nice to hear her sing something other than the days of the week.

3. Hello, Dave Days! We like seeing her with someone other than Patrice Wilson, plus the pair sounds great together.

4. Hearing Rebecca Black sing "Stay" is a little less sad than when Rihanna sings it because we can't help but associate Chris Brown with the song when she does. We're not sure who Rebecca is singing about, but we like to think it's definitely not about scary Mr. B.

5. The music video focuses in on the song more than showing us all the different outfits Rebecca can look cute in (example: The video for "Sing It" is a little too much like an H&M commercial).

6. We want to see Rebecca succeed! After being the punchline of Internet jokes for the past two years, homegirl has paid her dues. We're happy she's doing well and that she is a good singer too!

What do you think about Rebecca Black's cover?

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