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Why I Don't Say The Pledge

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Why I Don't Say The Pledge

Before you start reading: I'm all up for DISCUSSION. But if you just clicked on ths post to argue why I'm wrong, please go away. I have to deal with people like you enough at school.


"Everyone please stand for the pledge of alligance"

Everyone stands.

Everyone thinks, "Why is Corey not standing? Wow, she must be a terrorist. How anti-American. Totally disrespecting toward the soldiers, wow. Omg, SHE PROBABLY HAS A BOMB RIGHT NOW OMG".


I find it funny how my Arab relatives think I'm so biased toward, how I'm so brainwashed, etc. etc. yet actual Americans think I'm a disresfectful little twit who should "go back to my own country" (side note: What does that even mean- I was born in Milwakee)

I don't say the pledge for a few reasons. And here they are:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

1) I do not pledge my allegiance to America. No, that does not make me 'anti-America'. It means I refuse to pledge my life and soul to a government. It means that I realize that, surprise surprise, the government of the United States makes mistakes which I can't and won't support. And I know that just about every American has a problem with the government and they say the pledge, and I have no explantion for why they (or more appropriately, you) still say the Pledge.

2) I don't believe in a god so I am not going to claim that America is a nation under God.

3) There is absolutely not 'liberty and justice for all' in America. I'm sorry if that offends you, but it's true. This is a pretty much world wide problem, but if you are not a wealthy, white, straight, cissgendered, Christian man, there are laws preventing you from having the equal rights that that man has.

So that's it basically. And now I'll tell you a one of the stories I have because I don't say the Pledge:

Journalism, sophmore year: I sat quietly during the Pledge. That's it- I sat. In return, I was called a bitch quite a few times by people I didn't know, then one girl loudly said "That's really disrespectful toward the soldiers". I talked to her afterward alone, and to every explanation I gave she said "But STILL, the soldiers!" as if repeating the same thing over and over counts as a good argument.

After that incident, I went to the guidance office and explained the situation and guidance said they'll talk to my teacher in that class and one of the main contributers to the bulling (yeah guys, it is bullying), but I still had to stand (which for the record, I don't. Not by law.)

In incidents afterward, I was usually told off my teachers- you know, those people who watch over you in school and are responsible for students' well-being. The same message: Just stand, you don't have to say anything!"

So now, I usually stand. Fine, if that makes everyone so happy. But if you think my standing, figeting, putting my books away is better than just sitting politely...well, I'm not the one confused about respect here.

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