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What You Can and Can't Recycle

What You Can and Can't Recycle

Earth Day is renown for offering tips on how to better preserve our planet. Every little bit counts. Whether you plant a tree, build a cyborg powered by solar energy, or sort your family's recyclables, you are helping to make the planet a greener and better place. The following is a quick refresher on what you can and can't recycle as programs across the nation continue to ride the 'Cyc Train.

CAN: Newspapers
CAN'T: Your old Buzz Lightyear costume from Halloween, 2009

CAN: Empty cans of Arizona Iced Tea
CAN'T: An ax you found in the woods

CAN: Junk mail from the cable company
CAN'T: Zac Efron

Glade Air Freshener cans
CAN'T: The dead spider in the bathroom everyone is afraid to touch

CAN: Plastic laundry detergent/bleach bottles
CAN'T: Those really weird Pop Tart commercials

CAN: Aluminum foil
CAN'T: A bag of Barbie doll heads found in a store in Belgium

CAN: Empty cans of Bumblebee Tuna
CAN'T: The Milwaukee Brewers

CAN: Boxes of Trix
CAN'T: A broom on fire

CAN: Snapple bottles
CAN'T: Altoids spit out by Emma Watson because they were too "pepperminty"

CAN: Peanut butter jars
CAN'T: Old Stridex pads

CAN: An old copy of Judy Blume's "Blubber"
CAN'T: The stray onion ring that comes with the fries sometimes

CAN: Empty bottles of blue Gatorade
CAN'T: Lawn gnomes your dog tries to poop on

CAN: An issue of Highlights magazine from the dentist's office
CAN'T: The hostess at IHOP who keeps falling asleep

CAN: A can of Campbell's Beef Soup
CAN'T: "The Wizard of Oz" dubbed in Spanish where the Wicked Witch of the West has a really funny voice

CAN: Telephone books
CAN'T: Skittles

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