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Prom Looks Inspired By Your Favorite Celebs!

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Prom is Upon You, SparkleButts!

The above caption was inspired by that badass scene in LOTR: The Two Towers when Aragorn (why is he so sexy even when he's covered in dirt and orc guts?) says "Open war is upon you," and then King Theoden's brain explodes. CLASSIC ARAGORN, amIright?! 

And now that my dweebiness has scared away every boy within a million miles, let us continue with this glorious slideshow! In it, you shall find your favorite celebs in gorgeous gowns, alongside looks that YOU YOURSELF could actually wear to prom! AMAZING!!! (Side note: sure, I may have eaten 7 packs of gummy snacks for lunch and am now operating on a dangerous sugar high, but that doesn't make anything I'm saying any less true, or any of those exclamation points any less necessary.)


Dagger Note: This post is in no way sponsored by H&,, or These sites very generously allow us to use their product images (most sites do not), which is why they appear so frequently on SparkLife! Plus, I just think their shizz is 9 KINDS OF ADORABLE.

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