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7 Reasons It's Fun NOT to Be a Girly-Girl

7 Reasons It's Fun NOT to Be a Girly-Girl

Picture this: it's a fine spring day, and the smell of peaches and cream body lotion wafts your way. You catch a glimpse of a hot pink skirt and hear someone coo into their phone about a boy they just met. Sure, it sounds like a stereotype, but it’s also clear that you’re in the presence of a girly-girl. Unmistakable in any habitat, we know ‘em, we love ‘em, but we might not all want to be ‘em. Maybe you enjoyed playing with a Barbie as a kid, but at some point you decided that squinting through a cloud of hairspray and choking on nail polish fumes is just not worth the trouble—and that's totally ok!Gender issues aside (just wait for your Women’s Studies classes, ladies), growing up a girl comes with a lot of societal pressure to be uber-feminine, and that might not be your style. Being a girly-girl can be exhausting and confusing and perhaps it’s just not your cup of tea—maybe you'd rather just be you. We’re not here to hate on girly-girls (let them do their thing, they seem to be having fun), but we are here to say there are some pretty kick-ass reasons to be a non-girly girl. In no particular order, here they are:

1. You don’t have to be boy crazy. Sometimes it seems like girly-girls are just acting boy crazy because they've watched Clueless one too many times and think that’s all there is to life. Well, guess what? You think that’s boring, and you don’t want to participate. Bravo! Let’s talk about something else, shall we?

2. You save so much money. Have you ever paid for a professional haircut/make-up/manicure/etc? It’s ridiculously expensive. Maintaining a girly-girl look costs money, and wouldn’t you rather save that change for a trip to Europe over the summer? Looking cute is fun, but it takes major financing to maintain all the hallmark signs of a girly-girl. We’d rather spend our savings on an experience or a bunch of new books.

3. The color pink is lame. We’ve never understood the obsession with this color.

4. You can shave your head! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll wake up with the urge.

5. More free time to better yourself. While Bethany spent two years of high school obsessing over her crush, you learned an instrument! Or Spanish! Or cured cancer! Whatever it was, you were focusing on bettering yourself and that’s rad.

6. You can use the bathroom! Even if you’re at a guy friends house! You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re not all daisy petals and bunny hops. You have bodily functions like everybody else on the planet and you don’t have to be embarrassed.

7. You’re prepared for any physical activity life might throw at you. Let’s say you need to run to catch an ice cream truck, or you’re walking through the park and see a tree you want to climb, or a basketball game you want to play, or maybe you just want to walk a little faster so you can make it to the movies on time. Well guess what? You’re not wearing heels/a short skirt/some type of restrictive clothing, and you can do all that stuff easily! You’re free to move around in the world like everyone else.

Maybe you're not into pink iPhones that leave a trail of perfumed glitter in their wake; maybe you'd rather climb a tree, play guitar, or burp the alphabet in French. Either way, you're great just the way you are.

Would you classify yourself as a girly-girl? Do you believe in the stereotype of a "girly-girl," or do you think everyone has more than one dimension to them, even if it's not readily apparent?

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