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How To Ease Your Way Into The Makeup World

How To Ease Your Way Into The Makeup World

So, you want to wear makeup.

If you feel like going from barefaced to beauty bug overnight, you can. If you want to take six months just to work your way to lip balm, you can do that too. It’s completely your call, based on what your personality, lifestyle, and parents might allow. If you’re not sure where to start, I broke the process down into three parts for you to ease your way into the wonderful world of makeup. However before we get to that, we need to start from the inside and work our way out.

Here are some makeups for your mind:

  • You don’t owe it to anyone to be “pretty.”
  • You may feel you look a little weird with makeup on at first. It’s probably just because you’re not used to it. Have a little faith.
  • Always be you. Whether you are a purple-haired pixie, a chapstick minimalist, or a red-lipped bombshell­­­­—or all of the above depending on your mood. Be your best self.
  • No amount of makeup can replace a sincere smile. So darn cheesy, but so darn true.
  • While it’s a good idea to be clear on what signals you’re sending, don’t do makeup for a boy's or anyone else’s attention. Ever. We don’t do this for them, nor should we (unless they are really super duper special, as in Mr. Darcy/Batman/The Doctor all rolled into one great guy who would love you even if you put lipstick on your nose). Do makeup because you like it, because playing with color is exciting, and because you love expressing yourself.
  • Don’t put lipstick on your nose.

Now that we’ve got our heads on straight, on to the actual stuff you put on your face. You can take each of these phases at whatever pace with which you feel comfortable. However, if you’ve never used makeup before, I suggest spending at least four to five days on each phase so you can get a good feel for how cosmetics interact with your skin type, preferences, and daily routines.

Phase 1

Start with:

  • Foundation You probably don’t want anything too heavy at first, so try some tinted moisturizers or sheer foundations. This will even out your skin and help hide any redness or blemishes you may have.
  • Mascara If you wear nothing else on the eyes, wear mascara. Mascara will darken your lashes, waking up your eyes and accentuating their shape. You might be surprised at the difference.
  • Lip gloss or tinted lip balm I’m pretty sure you know what to do with this, but glosses and balms tend to be more forgiving to the makeup n00b than full color lipsticks.

Phase 2


  • Powder You’ve had a few days to see how your skin looks and feels with foundation, so you may have noticed that your face gets a little shiny in certain areas after a few hours. It’s different for everyone depending on skin type, but powder can help prevent your makeup from melting off your face.
  • Concealer You may have also noticed that your foundation just isn’t doing it for those stubborn trouble spots. Concealer gives you the extra oomph you need for those sneaky blemishes. It’s not great for your whole face as it can look cakey when overdone, but it’s fabulous for those “Ohmygah what’s on my face?!” moments.
  • Blush If you are an especially flushed-faced girl and your rosy cheeks show through your foundation already, you may not need this. However, if you find that you’re looking rather pale and lifeless, pop on some rouge (If this is the obvious case from the get go, go ahead and add this in Phase 1).

Phase 3

Add :

  • Eyeliner Once you’ve gotten used to the mascara, add some extra definition to your peepers with eyeliner. Keep in mind that the original purpose of eyeliner was to simply darken the base of the lashes in order to make them look fuller. It has evolved into all kinds of artsy, colorful, and daring looks, but it’s best to stick to the basics when you’re starting out.
  • Eyeshadow Try a subtle nude/brown shimmer across the lid. If you’re feeling really adventurous, define the crease above your lid with a medium brown. Remember, you can always add a little more if you need to, but trying to fix it after you’ve applied too much is a pain.
  • Lipstick Typically more opaque than their glossier counterparts, lipsticks are the grand finale to this process. There are so many kinds of finishes, shades, and textures to play with, so just have fun with it!

Any helpful makeup tips of your own to add?

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