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9 Failed Horror Movie Plots

9 Failed Horror Movie Plots

There are SO MANY bad horror movies. Still, they could be WORSE. Like, perhaps, one of these:

1. KILLER PANCAKES. A rowdy group of teenagers walk into an IHOP at 2 a.m. only to realize it is booby-trapped with super sticky, banana walnut syrup and pancake batter that melts off your face. The killer turns out to be a waitress who is sick of being shorted on her tip.

2. SUIT AND DIE. An entire town has a curse placed on them by a mysterious old woman. Every time the local radio DJ plays Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie" another person dies. The catch is that it's a pretty catchy song... and no one really wants to stop hearing it.

3. THE CHAIR. Five teenagers take a trip to the dentist where it is slowly revealed, one by one, that they all have gingivitis.

4. THE RAZOR. A man buys a Razor inline scooter that turns out to be haunted, causing mayhem in DQ parking lots and the sidewalk in front of his house.

5. DOWN IN THE AIR. A routine flight to Miami runs out of snacks and passengers begin to turn on one another. When peace is finally restored, the body count is high, but it becomes obvious the flight was NOT to Miami…it was to Orlando!

6. THE TWINS. Demented twin sisters do demented things like inhale helium and sing songs in a super demented way, then dementedly climb across monkey bars in playgrounds,while dementedly eating raisins, and finally take an afternoon nap because being demented twins is exhausting.

7. DR. SKIN. A dermatologist known as Dr. Skin invents a new cream to help with acne. However, when patients begin applying it they turn invisible. But they can still FEEL the zits!

8. PARADISE (LOST). A mentally unstable woman dresses up like Minnie Mouse and poses for pictures in Times Square. Every time another picture is taken, an otherworldly portal opens up and 20,000 more people appear making it impossible to move around or get a table at the Olive Garden. Meanwhile, the price of simple pasta dishes skyrockets.

9. WORLD WAR ZZZZZZ. An army of zombies begins to take over and attack the world. But then they get tired and it's a really short movie.

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