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What Your Favorite Prom Theme Says About You

What Your Favorite Prom Theme Says About You

What does your favorite prom theme mean about your personality? Read on to find out...

If your favorite theme is...

Masquerade Ball: You're a fan of mystery, someone who lives for suspense, preferring to not know the road that lies ahead. You mainly go after bad boys, seeking out danger at every turn. If you ride a bike, you don't wear a helmet. If you ride the bus, you don't wipe down the seat with disinfectant. ...Or you just like the idea of wearing a mask because it'll hide that zit from Hell that JUST. KEEPS. COMING. BACK.

Mardi Gras: you're a party animal. If there's a sleepover, you're the first to show up and the last one to leave. You own more tube tops than you do spiral notebooks, and the longest relationship you've been in was when you made out with a guy for two minutes during Katy Perry's song, "Firework."  That same guy is also listed in your cell phone as "Mike Firework," not to be confused with your other contacts, "Mike Dress Shirt," and "Mike Car Guy."

The Old West: You're a throwback, someone who longs for a time when "men were men and women were women."  You're ideal mate is strong and silent. Maybe he's on the football team, drives a pick up truck, and his favorite book is "whatever one is easiest to hit nerds with." You have it all figured out. In fact, there's only thing you're missing, and that's teeth.

Medieval Knights: You're an individual who thinks of themselves as royalty, not merely a high school senior, but a modern day princess. You own a tiara and not in an ironic way. For your birthday you asked for a white horse. If you could be like one person, it would be Cersei Lannister from HBO's Game of Thrones. All your ex boyfriends describe you as "difficult."

Under the Sea: You don't have a brain that is satisfied with the limits of reality. You wonder about life on other planets, stay up at night contemplating the mysteries of the world, and think often about the lost city of Atlantis.  You have a borderline obsession with the fabled underwater town. It's gotten to the point where your favorite planet is Neptune, your favorite gum is Trident, and your dream job is a meter maid because its only two letters away from "mermaid." Or, you just think fish are cool.

An Evening in Paris: You're a person who values the idea of a classic romance. You're someone who yearns for the timeless image of kissing underneath the Eiffel Tower, embracing passionately while the City of Light provides the perfect backdrop for your storybook song of love. Or, you just can't get enough of that Pixar classic, Ratatouille.

Casino: You're a gambler, a risk-taker, someone who believes in fate over circumstance. You don't study for tests or second guess yourself. If anyone questions your logic you reply with simple wisdom like, "If its meant to be, then it's meant to be." Also, this carefree attitude is the reason you're failing every class because it turns out test taking is more about preparation and less about "letting it ride."

Hawaiian Luau: You have an adventurous spirit. You're not content with your surroundings, you want to explore new places and meet new people. You can't be tied down, which is why you're most likely only going with your prom date as a friend... just in case there's someone else at the dance you'd rather make out with in the limo on the way back to your parent's place.

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