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Student Speaks Out; Principal Threatens To Ruin Her Life

Student Speaks Out; Principal Threatens To Ruin Her Life

We've already had some amazing stories this year about out-of-control school officials trying to push their weirdo personal biases on students (remember that poor girl who got suspended for dyeing her hair a perfectly lovely shade of auburn?), but this one may actually win all of the awards: in West Virginia, a public school principal allegedly threatened to sabotage a student's college career when she spoke out against a school-wide "abstinence assembly."

The skinny: Katelyn Campbell, a senior at George Washington High School, became alarmed when fliers were passed out announcing that students would be required to attend a seminar by Pam Stenzel promoting "God's plan for sexual purity". (For those not in the know, Stenzel is basically a raving but charismatic lunatic who tours the country, trying to scare teens out of doing the HND with patently false claims that being on birth control makes you "10 times more likely to contract a disease . . . or end up sterile or dead," that she can tell if you're a ho just by looking at you, and that "if your mom gives you birth control, she probably hates you.") In addition to scheduling the incendiary assembly, principal George Aulenbacher and other administrators reportedly blocked the exit to the auditorium during Stenzel's speech, forcing students to stay for the duration even after the slut-shaming rhetoric reduced some girls to tears.

Katelyn Campbell contacted the media and ACLU to register her objections to Stenzel's appearance, at which point—and here's where it gets extra fun!—principal Aulenbacher reportedly called her into his office, berated her, and told her he was going to call Wellesley College, where she's been accepted into the class of 2017, and tell them about her "bad character." (Considering Wellesley's response, we're guessing he didn't really think that one through.)

Meanwhile, Katelyn has filed an injunction against the principal to prevent any further silencing shenanigans, the story has been picked up all over the place, and a petition by current students to welcome her to Wellesley already has nearly 1,000 signatures, so we're calling this one a win for smart, outspoken teenagers everywhere.

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