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We're Throwing a SparkLife Prom!

We're Throwing a SparkLife Prom!

Remember when we asked you to vote for your favorite prom theme? And then we decorated our prom page in your top four favorites?

We weren't just playin' around! We did that for a REASON. And the reason is WE'RE THROWING A SPARKLIFE PROM!

Yes, we're going to have a real, actual prom here on SparkLifewell, a real, actual virtual prom (and no, that's not an oxymoron), on FRIDAY, MAY 3 FROM 4 PM TO 8 PM.

Here's how it'll work: on May 3, we'll get all dressed up for prom. We'll take pictures, drink watered-down Kool-Aid, do some live chats, post awesome prom articles and playlists, and dance ourselves silly. We may even do the Cupid Shuffle once or twice, and we'll definitely flip the light-switch on and off like it's a strobe light. Basically, it'll be exactly like real prom, except online and AWESOME because we'll be there, and you'll be there. All you have to do is sign in to SparkNotes and enjoy the party.

In summary: your high school "Under the Sea" prom? BOOOOOORING. Our "Gatsby/Yule Ball/Masquerade/Royal Ball" prom of your choice? SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT. So come hang out with us on Friday, May 3!

Are you going to SparkLife prom?

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