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Check Out the New Man of Steel Trailer!

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Check Out the New Man of Steel Trailer!

DC Entertainment

Attention, people of Earth! The new trailer for Man Of Steel has landed and guess what? It's cooler than Superman's ice breath. Check it out.

After that humongous helping of awesomeness, our thoughts were flying faster than speeding bullets! Here's what stood out to us:

— The trailer kicks off with Jor-El (a.ka. Papa Superman) witnessing a huge battle on Krypton. Space battles in a Superman movie? About time! In fact, can we just get space battles in every movie from now on? Yes, even romantic comedies. Especially romantic comedies.
— Henry Cavill is super... super FOXY, that is!
— Lara says, "He'll be an outcast. They'll kill him." Jor-El responds: "...How?" That exchange gives us SUPER-CHILLS.
— Looks like we'll be spending some quality time watching Clark grow up. Cue Smallville nostalgia.
— Henry Cavill is a very attractive young man.
— The new score is completely original! You will not hear the famous John Williams theme in this Superman tale (unless you sing it in the theatre yourself: not recommended).
— "You are my son." Who knew Kevin Costner could make us cry?
— Wait, why is Superman hitchhiking? Seriously.
— "One day, they will join you in the sun." This line came from All-Star Superman. It seems like Zack Snyder is taking the best from several sources.
— Amy Adams already makes a perfect Lois Lane. We look forward to more of her sass.
— At 2:18 we can see the LexCorp building! Who is that bald guy in the green-tech suit? Weird.
— Did we mention Henry Cavill is a hottie? We did? Okay. Once more then: Henry Cavill is super hot!

Man of Steel is shaping up to be the most epic, action-packed, heartfelt, realistic Superman movie ever! Our hero will have to combat General Zod's invasion of Earth — we can't wait to see the sensational showdown between the mighty Kryptonians! Fingers crossed that this movie means a Justice League movie is on the way.

What do you think? Great trailer or greatest trailer?

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