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What's Your French Name?

What's Your French Name?

The Eiffel tower. Napoleon. Inspector Clouseau. Monet. Les Misérables. There are all kinds of iconic things that come to mind when you think of France. There are also some things you don’t usually think of… like these insanely picturesque fields or this cool-yet-hilariously-strange band that I recently discovered. So whether you’re visiting L'Hexagone or  just chillin' in French class, a cool new name will definitely help you fit in! Just follow the steps below and say “Bonjour!” to your new French name!

First Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Pierre/Elise
Taurus: Rafael/Chloe
Gemini: Mathieu/Clara
Cancer: Thibault/Camille
Leo: Guillaume/Mathilde
Virgo: Augustin/Marqaux
Libra: Tiago/Lea
Scorpio: Clemente/Chloe
Sagittarius: Maxime/Marie
Capricorn: Andre/Melina
Aquarius: Sebastian/Elsa
Pisces: Valentin/Salome

Middle Name: Choose the name that corresponds to the last TV channel you watched.

ABC: Leo/Clemence
CBS: Antoine/Oceane
FOX: Baptiste/Noemie
NBC: Quentin/Celia
CW: Louis/Eloise
PBS: Esteban/Maeva
Disney Channel: Hugo/Inaya
BBC America: Theo/Ambre
Sci-Fi: Simon/Louise
AMC: Tristan/Aya
TNT: Oscar/Mila
Discovery Channel: Antonin/Amandine
Other: Corentin/Valentina

Last Name: Choose the name that corresponds to your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean character.

Captain Jack Sparrow: Rousseau
Will Turner: Lefevre
Elizabeth Swann: Blanc
Captain Hector Barbossa: Moreau
Joshamee Gibbs: Aucoin
Davy Jones: Depaul
Angelica: Dupont
James Norrington: Chevalier
Ragetti and Pintel: Fournier
Philip Swift: Bouvier
Syrena: Dubois
Other: Girard
“Huh?”: Prideux

Post by Sydney Scott AKA Leona Eloise Chevalier

What's your French name?

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