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If Harry and Voldemort had Twitter...

Sparkler Post
If Harry and Voldemort had Twitter...

Hello to all of you fantastic people! I'm relatively new to Sparknotes, but I really wanted to write this article. Being me, I peruse (or run to my computer and hungrily read the moment I get home...) quite a few Sparklife articles, and a few days ago I stumbled upon this one: "Apps Harry Potter Should Have Had". I made the suggestion in the comments that Harry and Voldemort needed twitter accounts to deal with all the DRAMA that's going on in their lives. Fantasy_Book_Lover made the suggestion I should make a Sparkler post, so... HERE IT IS. The deepest darkest secrets on Twitter from our favorite peeps of HP!

Harry: I just got my new wand! Phoenix and holly. BEAT THAT. Did I mention the core is the same as Voldy's? WAND TWINS YAY! #Ilovemyenemies #awesome

Hermione: You know when you really like a guy but he's your friend and he doesn't FRANKING NOTICE YOU. Urgh I'm going to the library. #studying

Voldemort: @LuciusMalfoy Hey, can you bring the gang to meet me at the cemetary? We're having a little i-came-back-from-almost-deadness party. It's gonna be totes amazing. I'll arrange the entertainment. #crazy #bffs #party #ifyouarenotthere,Ikillyou

Ron: My broken wand decided to start whistling in Charms #don't tell my parents

Ginny: His eyes are as fresh as a fresh pickled toad, his hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he's really divine, the hero who conquered the Dark Lord. #secretadmirer #OMGSOHOT

Harry: @WeasleyIsOurKing BRO, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO STOP DISAPPEARING ON ME. For all i know, you could be eaten by giant brains or something. Geez.

Hermione: @WeasleyIsOurKing @HarryP Are you doing the Transfiguration homework??!! Did you use your planners?

Voldemort: That awkward feeling when you realize that you have no nose. #thatshowIroll

Harry: Heyy guys GUESS WHO JUST GOT IN THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT. THIS GUY!!! #excited #pumped #iprobablywontdieifimlucky #yay

Draco: Just got my new #Nimbus2001. Top that @HarryP

Ron: When your best friend dates your sister and it's really awkward #EW

Hermione: Feeling like a boss for slapping @DracoM. DEAL WITH IT, BRO. #baller

Lavender B: @WeasleyIsOurKing How's my Won-Won today?? #boyfriend #snogging #mybaby

Harry: When you mistake yourself for your dad #awkward

Ron: Did you ever realize that your pet rat is an escaped killer? I did.  #mylifeisweird

Hermione: That amazing moment when you FINALLY kiss him


DeanT: I don't care what you say. @WeasleyIsOurKing. I LIKE West Ham football! Moving pictures are weird, man. #WIZARDLIFE

Voldemort: Does anyone else HATE the feeling when one of your Horcruxes is destroyed? Or was that just me? #iamscaredofdeathomgomgitsscaryy

Dumbledore: Nitwick! Oddiment! Blubber! Tweak!

Hope all you Potterheads enjoy and understand all my references.

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