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12 Signs You Have too Many Facebook Friends

12 Signs You Have too Many Facebook Friends

1.     Your newsfeed looks exactly like the scrolling green code in The Matrix.

2.     Gangnam Style had 4 views before you shared the link.

3.     Facebook didn’t have a friend limit until Mark Zuckerberg got tired of you having more than him.

4.     You’ve typed the phrase "happy birthday" on so many walls that the letters are imprinted on your fingers.

5.     You’ve started to confuse the Powerball jackpot for the number of notifications you get every day.

6.     Status updates you post affect Facebook’s stock price.

7.     Your birthday is now a national holiday in countries you’ve never been to.

8.     You’ve been tagged in more photos than the Berlin Wall.

9.     Local municipalities have stopped printing phone books and instead just started referring people to your friends list.

10.  Google wants to use your page to build a search engine of all ‘events’ happening on Earth.

11.  You’re the only one who knows what happened to the poke button.

12. You’re not even sure anymore if you’re Facebook friends with the people you actually know in real life.

Do you have too many Facebook friends?

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