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Have You Seen the Prom Booty Shorts Kid Yet?

Have You Seen the Prom Booty Shorts Kid Yet?

A high school student named Senn decided that prom proposals are getting way too cheesy and out of controlthey're like marriage proposals. I mean Izherite?

To make a point about "silly, outrageous" prom proposals, he decided to fight the man by… asking a girl to prom in the most showy, embarrassing way imaginable. Welllll naked on a Segue would have been more embarrassing, but as of press time, that hasn't been done. What he did do: Don golden booty shorts with the word PROM printed on the back, the buttocks region of the shorts, approach a girl named Emily as she was sitting with a group of friends and started "twerking" until she stood up and hugged him, a sign we are to interpret as her "yes." Watch the video to see what the security guard has to say about that.

Senn is rightpeople take it seriously when it comes to asking someone to prom. Each time someone does a Flash Mob or hires a skywriter to scrawl "PROM?!?!" in the clouds, the bar is raised. Not just for the rest of the school, but for everyone's entire lives. How will they ask their boyfriend or girlfriend to marry them? With a Barack Obama face implant?

Senn assures the camera that his move is done totally in the name of sarcasm, but do you think he's reaching his goal? Does putting on a showy-show to make fun of showy-shows succeed in poking fun at showy-shows? Or does it just lump you in with the rest of the silly showy-shows? (You know?)

Do you think his point comes through? Or is this just another "silly, outrageous" prom proposal?Perhaps Senn subscribes to the statement, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

One more question: where does one purchase a pair of golden booty shorts emblemized with the word "PROM"? Asking for a friend.

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