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Other Words for "Hot"

Other Words for "Hot"

We describe people as "hot" a little too often. That barista (baristo?) at Starbucks? Hot. Your friend's stepbrother? Hot. That guy in the State Farm commercial? Hotttttttt.

This weekend my aunt described Adam Levine as such: "I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers." It was then we decided we need a few more words in our vocabulary. We are writers, after all. Describing everyone and their brother (literally) as "hot" is not only repetitive, but boring.

So, here is our non-exhaustive list of ways to describe babes and hunks, in ways other than dull ol' "hot." Not that we'd complain if someone called us hot...

That guy / girl is...

  • a dreamboat
  • slammin'
  • captivating
  • foxy
  • aesthetically-pleasing
  • swoon-worthy
  • made in America, IN THE GORGEOUS FACTORY
  • fresh out of the bakery (Hot buns? Sweetness? Get it?)
  • eye candy
  • a total Hemsworth
  • crushable
  • the bee's knees
  • the cat's pajamas
  • the mole's mole
  • smokin'
  • tempestuous
  • a babesicle
  • making me melt
  • magical
  • breathtaking
  • makeout-worthy
  • easy on the eyes
  • simple on the contact lenses
  • fit (Brit slang alert!)
  • brilliant (Brit slang alert x2!)
  • fetch (BRIT SLANG x MEAN GIRLS!)
  • delectable
  • hunky
  • mackable
  • fiiiiiiiiiine
  • heart-stopping
  • hypnotic
  • smoldering
  • stunning
  • a Taser to the heart

What are your favorite words to describe someone as "hot'"? Do you love or hate any of these words?

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