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Ellen Finds Yet Another Incredibly Talented Child

Ellen Finds Yet Another Incredibly Talented Child

If you only watched Ellen's show, you'd probably think all the children in the world are extremely gifted performers. (Seriously, am I the only one who was a perfectly average child?) On her latest trip to Australia, Ellen visited her wife Portia's elementary school, where she talked to a large audience of children...who immediately volunteered their fellow classmate up for execution exhibition. Of course, she eagerly obliges to sing "New York State of Mind."

The best part of this video is watching Ellen and Portia's faces as the little girl starts singingthey go from amused to stunned in about two seconds. So stunned, in fact, that Ellen decides to have the little girl on her show, because that girl can really sing! Do children just become more talented around Ellen?

[Via Crushable]

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