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Surviving Senior Year: April!

Surviving Senior Year: April!

Guys, it's April. You know what that means? YOUR SENIOR YEAR IS ALMOST OVER. You know what else it means? You have to make decisions, like, now. Right now. As in, once you finish reading this post, you should call some colleges. We know, it's a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we've made your to-do list for you!

  • Start comparing your financial aid offers. Are you willing to take out a student loan to go to your top school? Or would you rather take a free ride at your second choice? Call the financial aid offices and try to squeeze a few more dollars out of them. (Trust us, it's worth it.)
  • Start notifying colleges you're NOT attending. Even though you don't need to make your final school choice now, you can probably narrow down your options. Once you know a few colleges you're not going to, let them know so they can move up some wait-listed students.
  • Narrow down those choices. By now, you want to have no more than three (and preferably just one) option left. If you've picked your school, great! Start planning your registration, submitting deposits, and double-checking immunizations.
  • Keep up your grades. Colleges can un-accept you if you do really poorly this semester, so no slacking!
  • Attend some final open houses. If you really can't choose where to go, try a few more open houses or campus visits. Or just flip a coin.
  • Send out graduation invitations (if you haven't already). Not only is this just a nice thing to do, it also gets you a few checks/gift cards in the mail! Seriously guys, graduating is better than birthdays and Christmas.

Annnd here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • If you're feeling really freaked out, calm down. You can still have an amazing life, even if you don't love the first college you attend. Talk to someone (an adult, or an older friend who's done this). Consider taking a gap yearif you're not ready to go to college, pushing yourself to do it won't help.
  • Enjoy the end of your senior year! But not too muchremember what we said about getting un-accepted?
  • Get a summer job. This might not seem important with everything else going on, but you'll appreciate the extra cash when you hit college and realize you have no cute shirts to wear.
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