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SparkLife Poetry Club: Mistakes

SparkLife Poetry Club: Mistakes

Oh no! The poetry club is a week behind! Curse you, college scholarship applications! Why can't you understand that poetry comes before school?! Well, it seems that inspiration can come from anywhere, because I've decided on this week's theme.

This Week's Topic: Mistakes
It can be about a mistake you've made, a mistake that affected you, or something silly like confusing sugar for flour when baking. That's why you always label your ingredients, kiddies.

Poet of the Week: Elizabeth Grace
Even though she isn't as popular as the last two poets, she is amazing! Definitely check out her other work!

Honorable Sparklers: airbenderfanggirl5, Ausernamethatsfairlycool, crustyoldsailor, kidpickupSweetButCynical, and a sweet poem about SparkLife I had to include!

A Friend—heysparklers
A friend Is like a cup of tea
A friend Is like a my little pony season 3
A friend for you is a friend for me
A friend for pinkie is a friend for rarity
And a sparkler on spark life
who writes amazing poetry
Is also a friend for me

Scroll down to see each of the Sparklers' awesome poems! I've decided that doing links and screen caps were way too complicated, so now your poem will be copied exactly on the main post!

If you need a brush up on the rules, here are the guidelines. Remember that you can leave your poem (and title) in the comment section below or email them to me at! And if you decide to submit it via Sparkler Post, tag it with SPC so I can find it.

She's laughing,
but really
she always is.
that's just what
she does.
She's crying,
but it's always
over books
and characters
and plot events.
She says
her life is like a mountain.
A plot mountain?
I ask her.
And she says
that she hopes so,
because there's always
something good
at one point
in a plot mountain.

A Friend Like No Other—Ausernamethatsfairlycool
Two days I walked in a forest I had encountered by chance
On the second day I came upon a creature so extraordinary
It was a bird without wings and alone
He looked at me as I approached him

It surprised me to see he had no fear in his eyes
Instead he watched me with something akin to curiosity
I lowered myself to his eye level
And he approached me albeit warily

I thrusted my hand out and grasped his body
I decided then that this would be my companion
Till the end of my days
So I took him with me

That bird still accompanies me today
Even though his physical body has withered
He is still in my memories that will not fade
Since he was the one that allowed me to remember
My only friend in a lonely world that bothered us no longer

By honest chance two seeds were sown,
By errant winds together blown,
In a plot of barren stone,
And raised by fickle rains,

And small the seedlings were, and frail,
And bent and blasted in the gale,
They grew unsteady, lean and pale,
Among the sprouting grains.

Though hesitant their branches spread,
And carefully they reached ahead,
When naught they met, they shrank instead,
And wilted, wasted, wept,

Until one day a roving breeze
Plied mischief round the two young trees,
And one thin branch, with lively ease,
Against another swept.

Thus in the glow of every dawn,
As decades, centuries passed on,
Through summers bright and winters wan,
Leaf rustled against leaf,

And grew the two oaks intertwined,
Twin-bodied but of single mind,
Unto the other one inclined
And strong beyond belief.

No earthly force the pair could shake,
No mortal feat in twain could break,
And they saw not the ire awake
In Heaven's roiling haze;

But lo, the storm sparked in its heart
A bright bolt of a wicked art
That surged down where the twin oaks part
And set the two ablaze.

And red and thick the air became,
And branches withered in the flame,
They clung together all the same,
While higher climbed the fire -

The sky was heavy with the smoke
As blackened branches cracked and broke,
And now no longer oak felt oak
Within the raging pyre.

Thus from the other harshly cleaved,
As blackened crags they stood bereaved,
And no propitious signs perceived
As joyless years went by,

Until their charred flesh weathered clean,
Until, in spite of what had been,
They reached a wisp of tender green
Toward the cloudless sky.

Still, as the stars wheel in the night,
As rivers flow and birds take flight,
There stand with preternatural might
Two oaks amid the plain,

Their roots and branches intertwined,
Twin-bodied but of single mind -
Come fire or flood, one half will find
Its other half again.

Like Strands Of Rapunzel's Hair—kidpickup
They are not just found in dreams,
for they are as real as ice creams.
Friendship proven by trials,
and like ice creams, they are special.

True friends are rare,
real treasures they are.
Like strands of Rapunzel's hair,
I found few in here.

Strangers turned to friends,
I've met after leaving dead ends.
Helped me start once more,
and stayed as I soar.

They were there at happy times,
and cheered me through bad times.
That's why they'll stay at my heart,
wherever I may be at.

I know I wouldn't be alone,
for they are by my side.
From morning 'til dawn,
making life the greatest ride.

I may go away,
but you already have a place in me.
Promise me that our memories will stay.
And when we meet again someday,
Please do remember me.

All the great artists and writers,
Musicians and poets,
Speak of a love
That moves mountains
And makes the earth pause on its axes.
But ours is a quieter love,
It does not hold back storms
Or defy the gods
Or change the fate of nations.
We take our pleasure from finishing each other’s sentences
And knowing exactly how the other likes her tea.
From listening, and advising
And laughing and crying,
Our love cannot fill volumes
Or be sold as entertainment in theatres,
Or make grown men weep.
We are content enough with our hour long conversations
Every Friday evening
And the walks back together
From Sunday school.
We’ve never vowed for better or worse
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part.
I guess some things don’t need to be said aloud,
But they bind us together all the same.
Your best friend always knows, anyhow.

What brilliant poem will you submit to the SL Poetry Club this week?

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