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5 Signs You Made the Most of Spring Break

5 Signs You Made the Most of Spring Break

Like a luminous party boat approaching from the distant horizon, spring break has descended upon us, and for one week everything gets flipped around and turned upside down. We become fully actualized in all of our young, wild glory. Adventures unfold before us like Alice in the garden of Wonderland. Or at least that what it feels like should be happening. Our culture has built up this week off from school to be some socially acceptable spirit quest: a rite of passage that every American teenager must go through in order to find their true selves. Or, if all else fails, to “make some memories.” But what if you didn’t go to Florida? Didn’t fall in love? What if you never found the elusive MTV beach house? The truth is, sometimes you fear that you wasted your spring break because you didn’t experience the hookup/vacation/moment of a lifetime. Well fear no more. We’ve whipped up this list of signs that you made the most of your spring break even if you didn’t go backpacking in Europe with the rest of the track team.

1. You got a tan! Or some change in color. Congrats! Though we always encourage sunscreen use, going outside is really what spring break is all about. After months and months of being cooped up indoors trying to stay warm, the elders (school officials) recognize your natural, instinctual, need to crawl out of your cave and shake off the dust of hibernation. So what you didn’t go to Mexico this year? You saw the sun, and it opened up your eyes, you saw the sunnnnnnn.

2. You read a non-school book! Or pursued some activity not related to school. Yes! Finally you had time to read Crime and Punishment. (Or the Twilight series. Woof.) Whatever it was, you did something with your mind on your terms, in a lazy, “all the time in the world,” strictly-doing-this-for-pleasure way. Yay! Doesn’t it feel good? And now, you have something interesting to talk about when you’re back in school next week.

3. You met someone new. And they have total friend potential. This is almost inevitable. If you leave the house (see #1), and are doing the things you want to do (see #2), you’re going to meet someone new who’s in the same boat. Maybe they live in your town and go to a different school and you’ve never met, because usually you’re both too wrapped up in your own social worlds to notice each other. But guess what? They had to stay home for spring break too! Now you both find yourself at the YMCA pool chatting about themes of revenge in Gossip Girl and Wuthering Heights.

4. You slept past 9 am, many, many times. Like almost everyday. We know oversleeping is counter intuitive to the proverbial “leaving of the cave,” but in this case sleeping-in isn’t about hibernating. Sleeping in during spring break is about NO MORNING ALARM CLOCK. One of the true freedoms in life.

5. You’re looking forward to going back to school. Sure, the first few days of spring break are all “I am going to live like this forever!” but after a while you start to miss your routine, friends, or maybe even—gasp—a class. Spring break is a time of relaxation, of celebration, and, the usually forgotten third sister: reflection. There’s something magical that happens when you take a break, which is, you gain some perspective. You might not know exactly what you want to major in, or who you want to date when you go back to school, but you do know you feel better and more clear about yourself in general. Sometimes spring break is less about escaping and more about realigning.

Did you make the most of spring break this year?

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