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You're Awkward, AND THAT IS AWESOME.

You're Awkward, AND THAT IS AWESOME.

Awkward is more than just playing jazz oboe or collecting other people’s dropped grocery lists. It’s more than accidentally choking on your own spit in front of your crush or making a paperclip retainer or yelling "EXPECTO PATRONUUUUUUUM!" in the middle of gym class. Awkward is a way of life—and not everyone has what it takes to be this stubbornly committed. It’s a hardened few on whom we can rely to be so visibly uncomfortable that it makes everyone else cringingly nervous just watching them. So you see, being touched by the awkward is extremely, extremely awesome. Lucky you!

Awkward cares.
Chances are you care desperately what others think of you, and it’s precisely because of this heightened social awareness that you’re as sensitive as you are to how you treat others. So while you’re busy obsessing about what everyone thinks about your Falling Down Everywhere Situation, your close friend(s) wouldn’t change your tender, thoughtful heart for the world.

Awkward is cute.
How adorable is it when people forget what they were saying or get lost on the way out of a particularly large paper bag? A little guileless bumbling makes people (and puppies) that much cuter.

Awkward is clever.
Just because you can’t deliver an intelligible sentence, doesn’t mean your thoughts aren’t awesomely razor-sharp and worth everyone’s time. Parents, teachers, close pals—anyone who has seen the genius innter-workings of your bonkers little brain know and love the real you, so trust your zing, even if you can’t quite share it yet.

Awkward is creative.
Rare is the awkward soldier without some special talent. The nice thing about having so few social engagements BY CHOICE means you’ve got plenty of time to tap into your gift to learn, explore, and adorn your world. You may already know your calling, or you may still be searching—but because you see the world just a leeeeettle differently than everyone else, you’re lucky enough to have flashes of fast genius and a one-minded creative energy that not everyone does.

Awkward goes away.
Things can’t be THIS sweaty-clumsy forever. No wait—that’s not true. They will. You’ll just get good at tucking the awkward away so that parties and smooches and gainful employment become a real probable possibility. But take heart: however high you climb, you’ll never lose the special kernel of insanity that makes you so charming to those who really get you.

Are you awkwardly awesome? Awesomely awkward? In love with your weird, brilliant, quirky self? YOU SHOULD BE, CUZ WE SURE ARE.

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