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6 Signs You're Really Mature For Your Age

6 Signs You're Really Mature For Your Age

When people say, "You seem really mature for your age." what do they mean? What do they see about how you act and your choices that make them call you mature? You're clearly not walking around in loafers and grey hair, you still giggle at fart jokes, no one asks you how to do their taxes, so what are the signs you're mature for your age?

1. You do things that scare you: Maybe it's just taking an AP class, or joining wrestling, or asking your crush out, but not experiencing it would be worse than anything that could go wrong. What doesn't kill you makes you smarter, stronger, and wiser. Even mono, but don't put your mouth on the drinking fountain. That's immature.

2. You're Informed: You've realized acting dumb or bored only gets you so far. Like nowhere basically. It is crazy fun having knowledge to back up your arguments about anything from North Korea to why some people hate Seth McFarlane right now. You like a little NPR in the morning (not the No Pants Rodeo kind), and it shows. 

3. You think for yourself: The pressure to follow along with how others think and act can be crushing in high school. Crushing. Personal example: I didn't WANT to wear Uggs with my miniskirt, but I did it because everybody else did it. And then I decided to stop, because it didn't make any sense, and I said that, out loud and often. I got a lot of mean stares and it ruined my life for like a week, but it felt good to go against the grain. This is a sad, petty example, YES, BUT WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME I'M JUST A BUMBLING HUMAN BLOGGER. Point is: be yourself, even if no one else agrees with you.

4. You've had your heart broken: Ok sorry, not to be Gloomy Gladys but if you've gone through this horrible rite of passage, you are ahead of the curve and you're wiser for it. Chances are you're making better decisions in your love life and giving pretty good advice, (we hope) and that's the kind of thing people associate with maturity.

5. You get along with your parents: Wait whaaaaat? Yup, your ability to see things from their point of view is mad mature. Keep it up, it makes everything easier.

6. You're tolerant: You can walk away from an insult. Because what is the point of engaging with that dummy. (Unless you've got something really good.)  Also, some people are different, some people are not like you, and that's cool.

Are you mature?

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