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What Do You Think of the Trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters?

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What Do You Think of the Trailer for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters?

After three years, is Hollywood taking a second swoop at destroying our favorite demigod, or are they going to get it right this time? The trailer for the August 16 movie just arrived, and it leaves us with a few doubts. Check it:

Our take:

-We will never see Logan Lerman the same after Perks of Being a Wallflower.

-That guy had at least four arms. Did anyone else see that? We can't remember a single person from the books who has four arms.

-We feel like the guy who does effects for Annoying Orange could have made Tyson look more realistic.

-Oracle looks satisfyingly creepy though!

-Stanley Tucci as Dionysius? Maybe we won't hate this movie.

-Clarisse is too pretty.

-Their "funny" dialogue is underwowing us so far.

-NATHAN FILLION IS HERMES? There's a chance this movie could have a chance.

-It's Scorpion King 5: He's On the Side of the Ship!

Okay, Sea of Monsters doesn't look bad. It looks like they'll play it closer to the books, as they've added in important elements the first movie missed (and we like that Pierce Brosnan is no longer playing Chiron; we like Anthony Head from Merlin better), but it's going to take a whole lot to make up for 2010's silliness.

What do you think? Will you give Percy Jackson's venture into film a second chance?

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