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School Suspends Student for Writing YOLO on Test

School Suspends Student for Writing YOLO on Test

Kryon Birdine, a Texas high school student, was given a four-day in-school suspension for writing YOLO on the essay portion a standardized test...and tweeting a picture of it at Texas education officials.

We've got mixed feelings. In his defense, the standardized test doesn't actually count toward any sort of evaluation, as it's still in the process of being phased in by the Texas education system. Not to mention, four days of suspension for a tweet seems like a bit much, don't you think? (School officials say they were acting "in accordance with district disciplinary procedures." Because OF COURSE they have a disciplinary procedure already in place for this sort of thing, which probably happens every year, since YOLO has been around for ages...)

Buuuutttt, on the other hand, he did write YOLO. Did it have to be YOLO? We could forgive him the rest, but couldn't he just have written "Carpe Diem" or something slightly less annoying instead?

What do you think, does Kryon deserve his punishment?

[Via Gawker]

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