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This is it, Sherlock lovers. This is the moment we've been waiting for. Today is the day we find out how *spoiler alert* SHERLOCK SURVIVED THE FLIPPIN' SUICIDE JUMP!! Okay, so the fact that the spoiler was all caps, some of you might have seen it unintentionally. Now that you know how the season finale ends, you are obligated to watch the entire series right now.

His survival of the crazy jump has been the biggest mystery since the case of the missing cupcakes. I had 5 cupcakes, now there are 2! Where did the other 3 go? We may never know. Sherloves have been taking over the internet with crazy theories on how he pulled it off. But none of them have been right...until today.

That's right, Sparklers! I have cracked the case! You might even say I'm a bit of a Sherlock on my own (though no one ever says that about me)! And to be perfectly honest, it's pretty simple. I don't know how people haven't figured it out yet. Okay, so technically these are theories and not official statements from the Sherlock crew, but it's pretty solid.

Let's go over the (obvious) factors that played a part in Sherlock's survival.

It was raining/he was crying.
Oh, so the fact that it was raining before he was going to jump is just a coincidence?? WRONG!! Sherlock planned for it to rain because everyone knows that precipitation can makes concrete soft and therefore a comfy cushion to land on. Also, did you notice how he was crying before the jump? That had nothing to do with a rampage of emotions going through his mind a mile a minute. No, that was logic planning, my friends. In addition to the cloud water, salt water from tears also softens concrete. At this point, the sidewalk is safe for anyone falling from that height.

He probably landed on his feet then played dead.
Didn't you notice how Sherlock was laying on his side? He obviously didn't land like that. He landed on his feet! Sure, doing so would probably shatter both his kneecaps and leg bones, but again, wet concrete. After that landing, he can calmly and casually lay on his side and play dead. Oh, that Sherlock!

His brother works for the government.
Mycroft has the power to take an entire city's population and orchestrate a meeting place for all them to gather around. Remember when Moriarty commented on how Sherlock would have a crowd? Well obviously the crowd was just a bunch of actors who were there to make sure Sherlock's jump wasn't fatal. They knew that Sherlock would safely land on his legs, but the "medical team" was prepared just in case. And they also had to keep John from seeing Sherlock so that he wouldn't ruin the surprise!

John was hit by the biker.
Why was John acting so dazed when he saw Sherlock's corpse? He's a doctor for crying out loud! However, before he saw Sherlock, he was hit by the biker. Hmmm, I wonder if MYCROFT had anything to DO with that. The biker's shirt was laced with drugs that got into John's system when they came into contact. Only explanation.

Bouncing the blue ball.
It's common knowledge that bouncing a blue ball can stop your pulse. A yellow ball slows your pulse. A green ball makes it go faster. A red ball turns it into the drum solo from Moby Dick.  But a blue ball will stop it for exactly 2 minutes and 16 seconds.

Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones.
That's why they casted him in the first place! It had nothing to do with talent or chemistry or presence. It was because of those beautiful cheekbones. The writers knew that Sherlock would have to jump off a building at some point in the series. That's why they needed an actor with sharp cheekbones to create air resistance.

Or, alternatively...

Molly was disguised as Sherlock.
Sherlock told Molly that he needed her help. Some people think her contribution had something to do with dead bodies. What she really did: Molly pretended to be Sherlock. From that scene on, anytime you thought you saw Sherlock, it was really Molly in disguise. She loved him so much that she sacrificed herself for the greater good. Plus she also had a secret dream to become a master of disguise, so it was a win for everyone.

The answer was right in front of us the whole time. You're welcome.

MYSTERY SOLVED! Now can Season 3 of Sherlock please hurry up and start??

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