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Awesome Things to Say When You Walk Into the Wrong Bathroom

Awesome Things to Say When You Walk Into the Wrong Bathroom

By Janet Manley

In the hallway of life, some of us bump against the lockers, some of us stride confidently along like we're on a catwalk, and some of us march headlong into the wrong bathroom. On the scale of awkward encounters, doing this rates above a) when your friend's mom is your doctor, and b) that time you smacked yourself in the head with your own baseball bat and deliriously told your crush that they are your lobster. In fact, little conquers the wrong-bathroom play for all-out embarrassment, which is why the face-palm prone SparkLife team has compiled some awesome things to say when you go a-strolling into the opposition war room. Anything short of wetting your pants is a win in this situation.

  1. "I was told there'd be urinal cake."
  2. "I thought I heard Moaning Myrtle in here."
  3. "I'm too scared to pee alone."
  4. "Pizza delivery!"
  5. "Did someone call for assistance?"
  6. "Is this the casting call for Urinetown?"
  7. "WHAT IS THAT?!?!?"
  8. "Su case es mi... tiolet."
  9. "Ladies and gents, shma-shmadies and shma-shments."
  10. "Hello Mr. Peterson."
  11. "Does anyone have a hair straightener I can borrow?"
  12. "Free makeovers!"
  13. "Who left the seat up?"
  14. "...There's an alligator in the ladies'."
  15. "Will you go to prom with me?"

What is your best get-out-of-the-wrong-bathroom-free card?

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