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Sparky's Secret Mantras to a Successful Doggy Life

Sparky's Secret Mantras to a Successful Doggy Life

Listen, life’s tough out here for a pup. You need to approach the doggy-game, knowing how to keep your head up, knowing how to dodge the haters, and knowing how to clear the way for your personal advancement. That’s why I, Sparky, have developed a set of mantras I repeat to myself daily, and for an undisclosed amount of treats I’ve agreed to share them with you (you, lucky dog, you). Before we proceed, I want to say two things: one, I refer to myself in third person. That’s how kings talk about themselves and I’d advise you to start doing the same. Two, YOU’RE WELCOME.

Sparky’s top three mantras for life (to get us started):

1. I’m right. This is self-explanatory.
2. Haters are wrong. Duh.
3. Give me a treat. Please.

OK, now that you’ve given me a treat and we know the pecking order. Let’s get down to business.

4. Sparky has a vision. Haters have a fantasy. Sparky knows what he wants. He sees it in his mind’s eye and he makes moves in the real world to achieve this vision. He’s not sitting around day-dreaming about a fantasy.
5. Sparky trusts himself. Haters are always questioning themselves. Sparky’s top-dog. If he doesn’t know this through and through, then how are other’s going to?
6. Sparky moves forward. Haters stay put. Chugga-chugga choo-choo Sparky’s winning train is coming through. Don’t chase it, because you’ve got your own train to ride my furry friend.
7. Sparky doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Haters can’t let things go. Sparky doesn’t even have time to worry about the small stuff. Gossip, rumors, jealousy...anything that’s not Sparky’s vision and forward movement is the small stuff.
8. Sparky stays focused on Sparky. Haters stay focused on others. Sometimes when Sparky is at the dog park, he sees dogs who might have gotten bigger, who might’ve learned a new trick, who may seem like they’re making moves in the doggy-game, BUT Sparky can’t let this occupy any of his brain space. The second he starts thinking about what other pups have, he loses focus on the “Sparky Vision” and starts down a dog-hole toward a fantasy. This is closely tied to #4.
9. Sparky is always looking to learn. Haters think they know everything. At first glance you might think, “Hey, doesn’t this contradict #1?” And the answer is: NO. Number one is more about believing in yourself than anything else. If Sparky’s learned anything in this furry life, it’s that you’ve got to trust your gut and believe in your decisions. Now, that being said, Sparky still needs to be humble, because he doesn’t know everything. The only people who think they know everything are haters and, ultimately, this attitude will get in there own way. Always be open to learning because you never know when you’ll get that crucial piece of information that helps you achieve your vision, you dig?

May you read this and learn something, move forward with your vision, and never be without a treat. This is Sparky signing out, and YOU’RE STILL WELCOME.

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