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Starting a Fashion Line? Here's How to Name It.

Starting a Fashion Line? Here's How to Name It.

So you’re starting a fashion line. Congraçulations! Before you zip yourself into a bolt of flannel, first things first: you’re going to need a brand to rally behind. But since there’s no fail-safe equation to help name a budding international house of style—and since so many good ones are taken (Acne, anyone?)—here’s a quiz to help drum up some creative and memorable monikers.

1. If your look were a place, it would be:

a. Marrakech.
b. Brooklyn.
c. Paris.
d. Nantucket.
e. Yesterday.

2. The proverbial house is on hypothetical fire! You grab:

a. My cowboy boots—and a guitar, and a bag of marshmallows.
b. Just the fluorescent stuff.
c. The gown, cherie—someone fetch my prom gown!
d. All the seasonally appropriate pastels my golden retriever and I can carry.
e. My grandmother’s heirloom cocktail ring. And my grandmother.

3. When you dress to the nines, you get the most compliments on:

a. My unexpected layers and pattern mashups.
b. Nothing—it’ll be three weeks before anyone else in this fashion-forsaken town realizes I am in fact not insane, only ahead of the style curve.
c. My classic Chanel _______.
d. Looking magically breezy-fresh and polished in slush or sweltering heat.
e. Stuff that retailed for $5 in 1950.

4. The one word your friends would never use to describe you is:

a. Uptight.
b. Predictable.
c. Cheap.
d. Hot-messy.
e. Cookie cutter.

5. The best place to find inspiration is:

a. The hood of my car, under the stars.
b. City streets, after midnight.
c. A café au lait and a classic issue of Vogue.
d. Harvard Yard.
e. The flea market.


If you chose mostly a’s:
Your Bohemian style is creative and complex and requires a special eye for mix and match—you think in pieces, not ensembles. Layer on the personal touches with your line’s name, too: take your favorite color and add the first word of the street you grew up on. Scarlet Oak? Blue Union? So hot right now.

If you chose mostly b’s:
Your edgy, city-savvy look is so cutting edge that your friends can’t tell if you’ve got a direct line to the tastemakers or if you ARE the tastemakers. You’re happy to take shocking fashion risks knowing you’ll get yours just as soon as everyone else wakes up to your genius. Thanks to your keen eye—and your tireless ability to innovate—House of Flashpants will rule the racks.

If you chose mostly c’s:
Rich materials, pristine lines, and a price tag to match—classic haute couture is pure, unadulterated glamour-with-a-U. For you and your high-drama, top-shelf confections it’s MODE. Just MODE. What does it mean? Why is it in caps? Does it stand for something? Whatever. LET THEM LE WONDER.

If you chose mostly d’s:
You’re the picture of cool polish in seersucker, polka dots, and cable knits, and if no one can tell whether you’re headed for the yacht or the books, it’s because you haven’t decided yet. Your line is classic and privileged, but still a little unpredictable. So leave your brand to the same sense of carefree cool and drop a finger on a map of Brazil: Vitoria. Serra. Redenção. Boom. Cause you do what you want without a wrinkle to show for it.

If you chose mostly e’s:
They don’t make 'em like they used to, and your vintage chic places tried and true above all else. You carefully attend to each detail, and each piece has a story, a history. So plumb your family tree for awesomely old school grandma names, then tack on an outrageously gaudy ampersand and an “and son(s)” (or daughter, or cousin). Blanche & Daughters? Can’t go wrong.

What will the name of your epically popular fashion line be? I'm definitely dibs-ing MODE.

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