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Dudes, Dress Like This: A Style Slideshow for the GENTS

Editor's Note from Chelsea Dagger:

Remember when you dweebos BEGGED me to do a fashion slideshow for guys? And I was like, "SPARKLEBUTTS, there are exactly 3 dudes reading this site, and one of them is my dad. Why do you want a slideshow about boy pants?" And then I realized that a slideshow about boy pants is a PERFECT excuse to look at pictures of adorable menfolk, and EVERYTHING SUDDENLY MADE SENSE. Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake, but I always catch on in the end. 

In order to give you serious eye candy AND some sartorial tips to pass along to the stud in your life, I asked Mike Bertha, our suavest, most style-savvy Splogger (he owns more pairs of shoes than all the female Sparkitors combined) to take on the task of whipping the Manklers into spring-fashion shape. If your crush shows up to school tomorrow lookin' all handsome in a button-down cardigan, you know who to thank.

Topics: Life, Fashion
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